Why mouth guards are so important for San Antonio, TX area patients involved in sports

If you often engage in athletic activities, we recommend that you receive a sports mouthguard here at Miner Dental. We can have your mouthguard custom fit to your mouth, ensuring you can protect your teeth both comfortably and securely.

What is a sports mouthguard?

Many injuries to the smile occur during high-impact sports activities such as hockey, basketball, or soccer. Patients are encouraged by their dental team in San Antonio, TX, to consider using a sports mouthguard when participating in these activities to avoid damage to the smile. Mouthguards for athletes are essential to ensure the protection of the oral structures, including the teeth, gums, and bone. Patients will receive a personalized mouthguard that is custom fit to their smile, which should be worn when participating in high-risk activities. This extra layer of protection can keep significant—and expensive—damage to the smile from occurring.

Why should I choose a sports mouthguard with my dentist?

While there are over-the-counter sports mouthguards that can be purchased at the local drugstore, many of these do not fit properly over the teeth and gums. That can lead to damage to the smile simply because of poor fit. Instead, choosing a mouth guard at the dentist is highly recommended to ensure precision fit and function. Custom-fit mouthguards are explicitly made for the individual based on impressions of their smiles.

When should I wear sports mouthguards?

Any time you are participating in a sport or activity that risks damage or injury to the mouth, it is vital that you wear a custom-fitted sports mouthguard to prevent tooth, gum, or bone loss or trauma.

Are you in need of a sports guard for your smile?

You can learn more about sports nightguards in San Antonio, TX, by contacting (210) 934-5265 today and ask us for an appointment with our dentist. Dr. Philip Miner and his team are conveniently located at 1100 NW Loop 410, Suite #825, and accept new patients in the community interested in comprehensive dental care under one roof! Connect with Miner Dental to discuss your needs with our experienced staff.