The experienced team at  Miner Dental is happy to assist our patients who feel nervous about visiting the dentist to feel more relaxed during their treatments. To overcome dental anxiety, we can provide nitrous oxide to help patients feel calm.

What is conscious sedation dentistry?

Patients with dental anxiety can benefit from nitrous oxide (N2O) sedation that we offer at our practice to help them relax for necessary treatments.  Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is the mildest and most common form of dental sedation.  It is a nitrogen-oxygen mixture that a patient inhales through a nose mask during dental treatment. On breathing in nitrous oxide, the patient will experience a relaxed sensation that helps the patient be at ease throughout the treatment.

Sedating a patient with nitrous oxide is very safe, and the effects generally wear off within a few minutes on removing the nose mask. There are no lingering after effects, and the patient can safely drive home after the appointment.

Nitrous oxide is a good option that we offer to our patients who suffer from dental phobia. Your dentist may recommend nitrous oxide sedation for patients anxious about receiving treatment for the first time or who have a fear of the dentist chair. Nitrous oxide will help the patient feel relaxed throughout the treatment.  

Exploring the benefits of comfortable care with sedation dentistry

The team at Miner Dental invites you to contact us today to discuss your dental concerns and learn more about nitrous oxide and other sedation options available at our practice. In addition to dental sedation, we offer a range of comfortable and gentle dental care. 

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