Philip Miner, DDS

Dr. Philip Miner

For more than 30 years, Dr. Miner has faithfully served the needs of his San Antonio area patients. They return year after year because of his skilled, attentive care and our team’s warm, family-like treatment toward each patient.

Dr. Miner was born in Boston’s North Shore and lived for a time in Manchester-by-the-Sea before his family moved to the Clear Lake/NASA area of Houston. Growing up, he loved sailing and playing various sports.

He attended Texas Christian University on a music scholarship and graduated with degrees in both chemistry and biology. Dr. Miner went on to graduate from the University of Texas School of Dentistry in 1985, where he was a member of the Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Dental Honor Society. Before buying his practice in 1987, he gained valuable skills and experience working as an associate dentist.

Dr. Miner and our staff focus on providing high-quality, low-volume dental care in a fun, upbeat and comfortable environment. Because of his natural artistic vibe, he loves performing cosmetic dentistry.

He says that the most enjoyable part of his job is watching a patient with compromised oral health and poor aesthetics transform into a confident individual with a beautiful and healthy lasting smile.

Doctor Philip Miner on why he became a dentist

You know, I decided to be a dentist at a very, very young age. I think it was 12. Initially had some really good role models in the profession that I had spent a fair amount of time knowing their families and whatnot. They were great ambassadors to the profession. And I liked the fact that they were independent, not necessarily working in a corporate environment. They seemed to have the ability to provide some wonderful services to people. They seemed very happy with their choice and basically started me in that path. From there, I was very happy to find out in dental school that I actually did enjoy doing it, because there’s always that worry: What if I get there and, uh-oh, this isn’t right for me? But fortunately, it’s been a great choice. Great decision. I enjoy it because we have the ability to transform lives. We can do some pretty amazing things now that even when I was training was not available to us. College, I went to TCU. Great institution. Still a die-hard fan to this day. We go to way too many games, out-of-town games and whatnot. Fun place to be. The dental school here, outstanding school. Great learning experiences throughout the school. I used to kid with people that one of most valuable things I ever did is, for two years during dental school, I worked as a waiter, and that’s where you really learn how to treat people. As far as continuing education, extremely important process to do. The majority of materials that we use now, the majority of the procedures we do now were not even around, basically, when I went to dental school. So one thing you have is experience that you’ve built over the years, but then you really need to keep up.

Our patients deserve the very best. It’s a fine line between what’s a new technology and what’s going to be a proven, successful technology for the future. We need to know what’s cutting edge, but we also need to know what to integrate into our practice. We have the ability to bring some very innovative, interesting procedures, treatment, to our patients. And I think anyone that comes to our office deserves to know what’s out there and how we can better serve them.

The most rewarding part of dentistry, for me, is basically getting to know our patients, what their desires are, what their wants are, how we can match up our clinical skills with their wishes and desires. And when we do so, seeing the confidence it brings to them. We’ve had plenty of examples of people we’ve done some nice work that have gone on to entirely different careers, partially based on their increased confidence. And then just getting to know the families that we serve and treat.

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