A San Antonio, TX dental practice uses intraoral cameras for diagnosis and treatment

Intraoral cameras are changing the way routine dental appointments and dental diagnosis works in today’s world. Intraoral cameras are special, small cameras used by dental professionals such as Dr. Philip Miner to help in diagnosing certain oral health conditions. The use of these cameras also allows the patient to see what the dentist is seeing on a monitor! Intraoral cameras enable San Antonio, TX, area dentists to provide a thorough diagnosis of certain dental conditions and make informed, educated decisions regarding the best treatment for patients.

How does an intraoral camera help the dentist?

Patients often have questions about using intraoral dental cameras used in our practice to detect and address dental problems. Intraoral cameras offer several advantages to Dr. Philip Miner and his team at Miner Dental. Below are just a few ways in which the intraoral camera has benefited the field of dentistry:

  • Dental education – educating patients on good oral hygiene techniques is easy but showing them “WHY” is more challenging. With intraoral cameras, Dr. Philip Miner can show patients the areas of concern so they can monitor their oral health with time.
  • Finding hidden problems – by using the intraoral dental camera, the dental team can further investigate the mouth to determine if specific concerns are developing beyond what the human eye can see.
  • Developing appropriate treatment plans – seeing areas of decay and damage can help patients visualize the oral health concerns occurring in their smiles. With these images, patients and dentist can develop a treatment plan for maximum oral health benefits.
  • Monitoring progress – saving images and videos of the patient’s smile for later use can help the dentist assess progress with specific treatments.
  • Providing information for referrals – if patients require a referral to another dental specialist for care, the images, and video obtained with the intraoral camera can be sent to the doctor for further review.

Learn more about our intraoral dental cameras

If you are interested in a practice using the latest technologies to detect oral and dental problems, now is a great time to work with the team at Miner Dental of San Antonio, TX, to discuss the advantages of intraoral cameras. The office is located at 14500 San Pedro, St 200, and can be reached by phone at (210) 934-5265 to schedule an appointment.