Digital dental X-rays inform fast, effective treatment in San Antonio, Texas

You cannot reach “peak” oral health without accurate, ongoing diagnostics. So, as a practice in San Antonio, Texas  with preventive dentistry at its heart, advanced technologies such as digital dental X-rays play an important role in the care provided by Dr. Philip Miner and his skilled team at Miner Dental. 

The power of the sophisticated diagnostics

Dental conditions can be tricky. By that, many patients may think that their teeth and gums are healthy because they “feel fine.” Their teeth do not hurt. Their gums do not bleed. Yet early-stage tooth decay and gum disease may be lurking. Often, by the time they notice blood on their toothbrush or sensitivity when they drink cold beverages or eat sweet foods, the disease or decay has progressed. As these conditions progress, they produce more pain and other disruptive symptoms that interfere with restorative sleep, productive work, and every other aspect of your life. We depend on our teeth so much for our overall health and wellbeing!

Fortunately, Dr. Miner has invested in the latest diagnostic equipment to detect the likes of “hidden” decay. When we can pinpoint these conditions, which otherwise would go undetected with earlier-generation tools or visual inspection, we are able to promptly address these problems. Intervention is not just proactive; accurate, precision tools allow for us to deploy treatment that is highly targeted and personalized. So, it is effective at resolving problems before they threaten your teeth, gums, and overall health. Oral health, after all, does not exist on an island. Dangerous bacteria can travel from the oral cavity to other parts of the body, where they wreak havoc on your entire “system.”

The latest, safest technologies

Our digital X-rays produce very clear images of the teeth, gum tissue, and associated oral structures. Such advanced imaging also reveals parts of the mouth that would otherwise remain hidden; for instance, decay that is present underneath existing dental work (like old or worn crowns). Also, digital radiography requires 80 to 90 percent less radiation than conventional imaging that uses X-ray film. We can even detect abnormalities such as growths that may warrant additional follow-up with specialists. Oral cancers, too, have a high rate of successful treatment when detected and addressed early in the disease process.

Additionally, our use of panoramic X-rays allows us to see the “big picture” of what is going on in your mouth and related structures. `We can clearly and quickly see issues such as impacted wisdom teeth and other bony irregularities. Digital technologies further aid in your understanding of treatment. We are happy to pull up images of your mouth on a monitor, to show you exactly what is going on. So, that way, you are better informed about the condition at hand and the potential treatment options.

In line with other technologies at our office, digital radiography is also well-tolerated and fast – less time in the treatment chair! To experience the benefits of today’s technologies and yesterday’s style of personalized attention and care, schedule your appointment at Miner Dental in San Antonio, Texas today, or call at (210) 934-5265 and ask for a consultation with Dr. Philip Miner.