Dental sealants help protect teeth in San Antonio, TX

The goal of our team at Miner Dental is to reduce the amount of dental work needed to repair the smile. The team often focuses on preventive dentistry to keep smiles healthy to avoid painful and expensive dental treatments in the future. With the application of dental sealants, many patients will have an extra layer of protection against the development of cavities.

What is a dental sealant?

Dr. Philip Miner describes dental sealants as a way to reduce the incidences of cavities in children drastically. There are many deep, significant grooves and crevices on the molars near the back of the mouth. Without proper brushing, these grooves can make it easy for food particles and bacteria to hide. Placing a sealant into the deep grooves of the teeth helps protect the tooth from decay and helps make it much easier for the bristles of the toothbrush to clean the molars effectively. 

Preventive care

With routine brushing, flossing, and dental visits, patients who have dental sealants can rest easy, knowing that they are taking the proper steps to protect their teeth from substantial damage. Dental sealants create that smooth surface necessary to brush and floss effectively and help reduce the risk of tooth decay.

How long does a dental sealant last?

Many dental sealants typically last a few years, and they may require repair or replacement periodically. However, the type of dental sealants used at Miner Dental can last a lifetime! We utilize the latest techniques and the best dental materials to keep the tooth sealed and protected indefinitely. 

Research confirms a 90% reduction in tooth decay when the molars are covered with dental sealant-making sealants an affordable and effective defense against damage to the teeth. Fewer fillings maintain the structure and integrity of the natural teeth and protect them against further deterioration in the future. Dental sealants are an excellent investment in a child’s oral health and wellness and are often recommended to parents for consideration.

 Are you interested in dental sealants?

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