Obtain quality dental crowns with a San Antonio, TX dentist

If you have a tooth or teeth that have experienced significant damage due to trauma or decay, it is vital that you restore their structure, function, and strength. To do this, Dr. Philip Miner of Miner Dental in San Antonio, TX, may recommend placing a ceramic cap for teeth, known as a dental crown. Dental crowns are restorative pieces custom-made for patients to bond over a tooth for repair.

What is a dental crown?

Dr. Philip Miner describes the dental crown as a tooth-shaped cap made of porcelain and bonded onto a tooth. It restores the shape, size, function, and health while also improving the smile’s appearance. These versatile restorations can be used in various ways. A crown may be fused to a false tooth to create a dental bridge or attached over a dental implant abutment to replace a single tooth. But typically, crowns are fabricated to provide protection and strength over an existing tooth.

Why choose dental crowns?

Dental crowns have several advantages when compared to other restorations for the smile. Dental crowns are:

  • Affordable and often covered by dental insurance in part or whole
  • Effective at protecting damaged teeth
  • Great for avoiding the permanent extraction of a damaged tooth
  • Natural-looking, as porcelain mimics the appearance of natural tooth enamel
  • Solid and durable, lasting many years with proper care
  • Versatile, used in many different dental situations

Learn more about porcelain teeth repair with dental crowns

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