A San Antonio, TX dentist, offers composite dental fillings for cavities

San Antonio, TX area dentist, Dr. Philip Miner has dedicated his days to helping patients restore their smiles and maintain oral health and wellness. During one’s lifetime, one may develop an area of tooth decay known as a cavity. Cavities are holes that form on and into a tooth due to sugars and acids that eat away at the natural tooth enamel. When this happens, patients will need dental fillings, or “cavity fillings.” The team at Miner Dental is excited to offer an aesthetic solution known as composite resin dental fillings.

Why is the material used for fillings important?

Fillings are used to seal off a tooth after decay has occurred and can help restore some of the tooth’s structural integrity to keep further damage from developing. However, in the past, many dentists used materials such as silver amalgam, which is formulated of approximately half mercury—an element toxic to the human body. That resulted in a significant increase in the risk of mercury toxicity. At the same time, these fillings are dark and highly noticeable within the smile. To address this, dentists now use more cosmetic cavity fillings with materials such as composite resin, which is healthier for the smile and difficult to spot when placed.

What are the advantages of composite resin dental fillings?

There are a few things to think about when deciding on a filling.

Composite resin fillings:

  • Are safe and biocompatible with the body
  • Provide a natural-looking repair to teeth impacted by decay
  • Offer a solid seal against bacteria entering into the tooth
  • Allows a patient to keep a cavity from becoming larger
  • Are placed during a single dental appointment to save time
  • Can last several years with proper care, including routine dental examinations at Miner Dental

Are you considering composite dental fillings?

If you need a cavity filling and are interested in tooth-colored fillings available at Miner Dental, call our practice today at (210) 934-5265 to request a consultation appointment with Dr. Philip Miner and his team. The practice is located at 1100 NW Loop 410, Ste. #825.