Snore Guards

Snore Guards & Mouth Guards


Get a Peaceful Night's Sleep Again!

Do you have trouble sleeping at night due to regular snoring? Have you tried endless products and sleeping routines to try and break this habit? Consider trying a snore guard from Philip B. Miner, DDS. 

How Do Snore Guards Work?

Snore Guards work to move your lower jaw slightly forward so that your air passage at the back of your throat is opened up. Since snoring is caused by the narrowing of your air passage, snore guards are an easy way to alleviate this problem. In many cases, mouth guards & snore guards can also help with sleep apnea as well as teeth grinding. 

There are two types of snore guards; over the counter and custom fitted. Once you have your snore guard, you can expect your mouth piece to last anywhere from 12-24 months. You can consult with your dentist to see when it is a good time to get a new mouth guard. Stop your snoring today! Call our office today at (210) 341-5665 to schedule an appointment!
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