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By proadAccountId-377754 05 Oct, 2016
Today we'll talk about prevention; dental prevention. Not the sexiest topic known to man but one that is extremely important in oral health. Preventive dentistry ranges from managing periodontal health to cutting down on cavities and making teeth less sensitive. 

Some say tooth decay is on the decline. I'm here to tell you that cavities are alive and well. But it doesn't have to be that way. What if I told you there was an easy non-invasive way to decrease cavities by as much as 80%? And what if the process was painless and inexpensive? I know that you're busy. So what if this can be done in one visit with no side effects?

Sounds like a smart idea, right?

Dental sealants can do all of this. And they aren't just for children anymore! We all have grooves on the biting surface of our back teeth. It's a hostile environment in those grooves. Imperfections are everywhere in these grooves and guess what sticks to the teeth? Sticky, sugary and acidic foods bath these grooves. Next thing you know you have a cavity or several cavities.

Now here's the part that is new. Sealants work for adults too! And getting sealants placed is way easier than fillings or crowns. 
By proadAccountId-377754 12 Sep, 2016
A beautiful healthy smile shows the world confidence and grace. People fortunate enough to have a wonderful smile are seen differently than those who have either poor esthetics or health restricted smiles. This occurs professionally as well as personally. Thankfully modern dentistry has advanced allowing complete smile makeovers to be possible. Many folks just want a minor optimization of their smile. That works too!

But with all this discussion of pretty smiles what do you do if your teeth just stinkin' hurt whenever you enjoy your favorite cold beverages? What if you can't enjoy a nice meal without a zinger from your attention grabbing teeth? The last thing you are thinking about is your smile. You are not alone. Sensitive teeth are extremely common. 

Today we have better ways to treat this problem. New products are rapidly coming into marketplace. First we must rule out cavities or infection. This can be done with low dose exposure digital images combined with clinical examination. If no problems are detected we can treat these bad acting teeth conservatively and with great success. 

If this is a concern of yours, let us know. We can work with you to calm the beast that lives in your teeth!  
By proadAccountId-377754 17 Aug, 2016
For decades dentists have been the doctors of the mouth. With new research our role is being turned upside down! The mouth is now recognized as gateway to the entire body. It only makes sense that oral health plays a huge role in systemic health. This has been a poorly understood relationship but now thanks to modern research we are learning with each published study.

Well known findings point to an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes with patients that have periodontal disease. Newer research links increased risks of osteoporosis, respiratory disease, prostate issues, cancer, and even erectile dysfunction to periodontal health status.

Periodontal disease begins with few symptoms. As it progresses the damage can be catastrophic. Now the good news! Periodontal disease can be treated. Make a dental appointment! It just may save your life!  
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